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Who or what is TWSupport?
TWSupport is a technical support website created and maintained by Craig aka Placehold. Founded back in 2001 under a different name and but same team.

How did it begin?
TWSupport started off originally as a small corporate based project called 'PLCD'. It was a small team of six who were all giving tasks of streamlining internal systems and programs.

How many staff is there?
Currently there is six employed members along with several free supporting staff members. Not all the paid staff appear on the forum but do background work instead.

Is TWSupport free?
The technical support service is free to the public however are employed by several companies to design small streamlined systems to assist with internal process's.

Jalokim Graphics

An young yet extremely advanced digital artist and forum designer who lives the values of art.

On and off projects, We have worked along side Jalokim on several occasions and it has been our pleasure sharing those experiences with such a talented designer.

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Soh Tanaka

As an extremely talented Front-End developer and designer, Exhibits of his work can be seen featured on a host of websites along with exceptional tutorials and advice.

As a well respected artist and a pioneer in his field, Soh is definitely a designer to follow.

For more details please visit Soh Tanaka

Geek Police

A relatively new technical support site which has defied expectations and become very successful in a short amount of time.

The staff members show consistency and a fantastic knowledge of all aspects of technical manner, definitely a site to have bookmarked.

For more details please visit Geek Police Dot Net

RA Absolute Services

A secret to the world of chauffeur driven luxury, This company has grown slowly over the past year showing potential for the future.

A local service to our management team, We bare witness to the finesse of the vehicles, the absolute perfection as well as the dedication to all their customers, Be chauffeur driven at an affordable price. Local Locations Only

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